Duskaya is a fairly new rter. He joined Roblox in 2011 and started posting on June 21st, 2016. He is fairly nice to people and likes to talk about politics. He is also not proud of his previous usernames.


Duskaya was 10 years old when he joined Roblox. When he joined, he didn't know how to change his character. All he did was play titanic and spam "juice!" in the safe chat.

In 2013, he had a "username crisis". He went through about 20 usernames that year. He stopped using the account because of it. He used the account sambucc, but it got terminated in 2015, so he started using "samuelhermitcrab" again. He changed the account's username to "duskaya".


  • He is a fan of pokemon
  • He is in marching band
  • He is a republican

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